We are a household name when it comes to solutions for noise, emissions and heat recovery.

Quality, innovation and an eye for detail have been in our DNA for more than 40 years.

Ilya Sundukov I Account Manager CIS


Noise reduction for a wide range of situations

As experts in the field of acoustics, we have been specialists in noise reduction for more than forty years. Right from the first conversation, you will notice that you are dealing with experts who are willing to actually listen to you. Our experts will be able to analyse which system is optimal for your specific situation: dry or ‘wet’ (water injected), standard or ‘state of the art’.

Discom has experience with various types and designs of silencers, intended for a wide range of applications and conditions. For example, in situations where space is very limited or if there is risk of explosion, additional critical requirements apply. Expansion with spark arrestors is also possible. Discom can supply a complete exhaust system, including silencer, suspension, compensators and solutions for emission reduction and/or heat recovery, if required.


Minimising emissions

Governments are imposing more and more requirements on the emission of harmful exhaust gases. For exhaust systems, the emphasis has therefore shifted from purely noise reduction to a combination of noise and emission reduction. Two different specialisms, one specialist: Discom. If you have to deal with emissions limitation, we are also your ideal partner as we are very familiar with the requirements across the entire spectrum of the maritime, industrial and energy markets. A tailor-made system is developed for each project, with the latest knowledge of the capabilities of soot filters, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and other techniques.

With Discom’s expertise in emission technology, your emissions can be reduced to a minimum to meet all applicable emission requirements. Integration with noise abatement techniques and heat recovery systems also allows for an efficient combination of techniques, taking into account aspects such as counter-pressure.


Reusing heat for greater energy efficiency

Exhaust gas is not simply a waste product. Heat is also lost with exhaust gas. Expensive heat, which can be reused with smart technology. As a specialist in exhaust gas systems, Discom also has the knowledge and technology at its disposal to ensure that energy is not wasted. Heat that is present in exhaust gas of up to hundreds of degrees Celsius, for example, can be effectively reused as a source of energy for other processes. 

Discom uses modern and efficient technology for the re-use of heat, for example in cogeneration plants. These solutions are also conceivable in other situations where heat is still being lost.

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