Novelty is not simply a buzzword for us. It is rather our absolute conviction that emerges from our mission, vision and commitment.

By continuously investing in broadening and deepening our own expertise, we can continue to lead the way in the world of today and tomorrow.

Paul Groeneweg I Manager Production & Logistics

Three markets, one driver

Numerous processes involve the production of noise and the emission of harmful substances. Discom specializes in three main market areas: the maritime sector, the energy sector and industry. These are markets in which we have decades of experience.

Discom has grown with the developments and has often shaped pioneering introductions in the field of noise and emissions. Because even if the circumstances and standards differ per discipline, our vision of service is the same every time: assuring you of systems that prove their return in practice. Your practice.

The Discom Energy Effect

“Discom plays an important role in the complex process of energy generation We have the right system for every thinkable advanced technical installation.”

Specialists in the energy market

Systems that guarantee power supply are subject to a variety of requirements. In addition to the traditional noise reduction requirements, you are also increasingly faced with restrictions on the emission of gases. Discom specialises in the entire range of exhaust gas systems and the energy market is one of our main areas of activity.

We develop tailor-made systems for power plants, temporary and emergency power supplies and cogeneration plants. Are you required to meet a complex set of requirements and standards for a power plant with a capacity of several megawatts? Or are you looking for an efficient solution for a mobile generator set? Discom will advise and provide tailor-made solutions, while taking into account specific circumstances and special standards. Our solution can range from a simple maximum efficiency silencer to a complete exhaust system, from the motor to the flue exhaust.

The Discom industry Effect

“Discom plays an important role in many industrial installations and transport systems. We have been providing solutions for noise reduction, exhaust gas cleaning and vibration elimination in this segment for more than 40 years”

Different industries, different solutions

Noise pollution is a problem in many industries. In addition, companies increasingly need to find solutions to new legislation designed to regulate the emission of harmful substances. Discom is your partner. A partner with a unique specialism: you can rely on our broad knowledge and more than 40 years of experience to answer questions about both noise and emission reduction.

Discom’s systems feature in a number of industrial sectors: compressors, locomotives, oil & gas, pumping installations and various types of rolling stock. In this multitude of industries, the ‘Discom Effect’ is a constant: the best answer to your question!

Het Discom Maritiem Effect
The Discom Maritime Effect

“As a designer, shipyard or shipowner you are well aware of the importance of reliability and safety at sea. These are precisely the qualities that Discom is known for”

All-round specialist in the entire maritime sector

We have been well versed in complete exhaust gas systems for commercial shipping (inland and marine) and naval vessels for four decades already. You can expect clear advice from Discom to keep noise and vibrations within the standards, as well as advice and practical assistance in regulating the emission of exhaust gases. This combination of expertise means that you can leave complete care for the exhaust system to us.

Optimum integration of intake and exhaust silencers, spark arrestors and suspension elements is guaranteed. We are well acquainted with both dry and water injected exhaust gas systems. Moreover, we are known as a supplier with a keen eye for innovative techniques that enhance performance or effectiveness. Our in-house research and development activities contribute to systems that can meet every demand.

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