Discom is specialist in de integratie van verschillende technieken en technologieën.

Solutions for a better world

Specialisten in de energiemarkt - Energie - Industrie - Maritiem


Specialists in the energy market

“Discom plays an important role in the complex process of energy generation. We have the right system for every thinkable advanced technical installation.

Specialisten in de energiemarkt - Energie - Industrie - Maritiem


Different industries, different solutions

“Discom plays an important role in many industrial installations and transport systems. We have been providing solutions for exhaust gas systems in this segment for more than forty years”

Specialisten in de energiemarkt - Energie - Industrie - Maritiem


All-round throughout the maritime sector

“As a designer, builder or shipowner you are well aware of the importance of reliability and safety at sea. These are precisely the qualities that Discom is known for”

All-round specialist in exhaust gas systems!

Exhaust gas systems must comply with increasingly stringent requirements. Noise reduction measures are being stepped up. Governments are also setting new standards for the emission of polluting gases, while in some cases you may want to reuse heat from exhaust gases. Discom specialises in the integration of various techniques and technologies.

We are capable of answering any question of today and tomorrow, while adding value to any assignment, large or small, with a clear focus on innovation. This is the added value of the Discom Effect.

The Discom Effect. 
Different each time, always optimal.

Noise reduction, emission reduction and re-use of heat demand a different solution in each case because every situation, requirement and budget are unique. These different baselines make no difference to Discom. Our aim is always to create the ideal solution. The ‘Discom Effect’ is a different effect each time, but the result is always a system that provides optimal services for those specific circumstances. This can be done either from the point of view of noise abatement, or as a requirement to reduce emissions, or with a view to reusing heat, or as a combination of different technologies, which is happening more frequently.

The Discom Effect means maximum performance under all conditions, and to comply with any standard. Do you also want to effectively combat noise and emissions? Then choose the Discom Effect!





DMES (Discom Modulaire Emissie Skid)

Discom is known as a specialist on exhaust noise reduction. Yet this is not our only expertise. You can also count on us when it comes to emission limitation questions. For the use for generators we have developed a plug and play solution for new and existing engines, Discom Modular Emission Skid (DMES). Click on


Discom’s latest development in ship hull side valves 

Discom’s water cooled shock proof valves has proven itself practice to offer the ideal balance between hull protection and the ability to withstand shock. This experience and expertise is now used in the latest development of this product as the water tightness is now ensured by a metal to metal seating for even the most



Discom prepares existing engines for Stage V’

Maritime exhaust specialist Discom has developed an exhaust system to ensure that new and existing Caterpillar 3512 engines comply with Stage V emission standards. The system was developed in cooperation with Yerseke Engine Services (YES) and installed in the ‘Vera Pax’ pusher by VEKA in Werkendam.

‘Inland navigation and undesirable noise’

Not many people are aware of it, but exhaust systems and silencers are also subject to wear and tear. Systems that previously met all the regulations, eventually fail to comply with all the standards as time passes. This is harmful to the environment and to the hearing, health and comfort of staff, and nowadays also increasingly gives rise to complaints from the surrounding area.

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